Learn to Drive With the US Fake License Program

The United States Federal Trade Commission has approved the new version of their popular infotainment driving lessons app – the ‘FAKE Driver’s Licensing Test’. The app is exclusively available on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. You can take your current driver’s safety class and apply it to the new ‘ F Alive’ series. Each lesson comes with one to five sections. Within every section, you will receive instruction on traffic signs and driving regulations. You will be able to apply one of two types of licenses: a standard or a limited license. Click here for more details about US FAKE DRIVER’S LICENSE

The limited driver’s license allows restricted driving privileges. You may be able to take the test once a year. Unlike the standard license, you cannot drive your own car while you are taking the training. You must always be accompanied by a licensed driver who will display the appropriate license.

The standard driver’s license allows most drivers to drive on public roads in the United States and Canada. It is good for up to 5 years and does not require a waiting period. If you have a restricted license, you must wait until your current license is suspended before you can take the road test.

Both the iPhone and iPod Touch versions allow you to listen to ‘F Alive’. As you learn your driving skills through this innovative application, you earn credits that you can redeem at participating gas stations. These credits can then be used towards upgrading your license and receiving a certificate of completion.

The course consists of lecture videos and practice driving sessions. Lectures are available in both English and Spanish. You can review any points that you may wish to remember when you are practicing. When you are finished, you simply access the practice area and take your examination. There is no right or wrong answer, you just get a score.

The iPhone version allows you to learn not only how to drive but also about the law. If you were stopped by the police while driving under the influence of alcohol, the driver’s license will be suspended immediately. Additionally, if you committed an offense involving alcohol, the judge will revoke your license upon completion of the program. The fee is just as affordable as the rest of the programs in that it includes the course material, study guide, and practice driving session. This makes this the most affordable and easy way to learn to drive while avoiding a long or costly driver’s education program.