How To Disable/ Enable FM Whatsapp on Your Android Mobile Phone

FMWhatsapp is a modified version of WhatsApp which allows the users to connect to more than a billion users around the world. This App offers unlimited messaging and calling without any limits. The official Facebook version of this app is currently using the APK, which has been available for a long time. But, Facebook has now released an application which can be downloaded directly from the App Store. Unlike the latter, this latest release of the app has a number of innovative features which make life better for the people. You can easily download the FMWhatsapp from the link given below.

It allows you to change your user icon and hide or show any profile option in the user interface according to your preference. You can use customizations to customize it as per your requirements. To hide your online status, just tap on” hides My Online Status” and then select “Yes” to confirm the change. Likewise, to show your online status, just tap on “Hides My Online Status” and then select “Yes” to confirm the change. These two customizations together provide a great deal of flexibility in changing your fmwhatsapp interface as per your wish.

Moreover, the latest version download of fmwhatsapp offers two additional features that are quite useful to the user. First, it offers anti delete function. Now, it has the ability to detect deleted messages instantly, as they appear grayed out in the inbox. Moreover, you can also schedule a message deletion session, which can be done by clicking on “Message Delisting…” in the main menu.

Second, as mentioned before, the latest release of fmwhatsapp has the ability to modify the appearance of your text messages. This modding feature is available on both the free and the paid versions of the app. For example, if you want to make your contact list appear different from your regular list of contacts, you can easily drag and drop them to customize the look and feel of your contact list. Similarly, if you want to make your voice messages look different from your regular ones, just slide the icons around to re-arrange them on the screen.

These two features are unique and useful additions of fmwhatsapp. However, there are many more mods that this messaging app has. For example, there are many useful apps for sending and receiving files. There are also apps that allow you to edit your messages after sending them, and there are others, which allow you to reply to other messages straight away. There are many more advanced mods too, such as those which help you manage multiple contact lists and change various settings within the app.

So, it is very easy to see how the free and the paid for FMsWatches can be similar. The only major difference is that in case of the first, you get the chance to try out the mod tools before you buy the real thing. On the other hand, in case of the latest release of this messaging app, you can get the chance to download it for free from the official website and test it out on your phone. After which, you can either buy the real version of the app or use the mod tools to disable the native features and enable the FM WH Mats app. What are you waiting for?